I’m back!

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated The Web for You: It’s good to be back!

Thanks to all of my readers for your patience during my absense. I look forward to a new year filled with lots of ideas for harnessing the power of the Web for personal business, recreation, and communication.

In the upcoming year, I will finish my thoughts on SEO, give you some ideas for creating and managing RSS feeds for your Web site, explain how to create and manage an e-newsletter, talk about some great Open Source applications to help manage your growing Web presence, and much more.

One of the things I’m most excited about is the upcoming service improvements to Microsoft Office Live Basics. The most interesting improvement planned will be the ability to use third-party design tools to design your site. This means that you will not be restricted by the limitations of the current Web site design tools in Microsoft Office Live, which don’t allow you to change many aspects of the page (such as meta tags, RSS links, etc.) Once these changes are completed, I’m looking forward to redesigning my site and reporting back on these changes.

I’m looking forward to a great new year, and I’d like to thank all of my readers for their interest in The Web for You.