Software Review: Listgarden 1.3

Listgarden is a very powerful RSS creation and management tool that runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and can be configured as a Web-based application.

For those of you who subscribe to all of my feeds, let me apologize…I know that I’ve mentioned Listgarden several times: in this blog, the Lockworld Herald News, and my Resources feed.

I think the program deserves all of these mentions, however, because it is so versatile and so simple. Without any knowledge of RSS or XML structure or rules, you can create and edit as many feeds as you want to. You have the options of creating the feeds as local files on your computer, or uploaded to your FTP server (or both). My favorite feature of Listgarden is that you can optionally export an HTML version of your feed containing some or all of your feed items as a Web-based file. This can allow you to offer a preview of your latest feed items to your site visitors or an alternate way to view “what’s new” on your site.
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The Web for You: Year in Review

It’s hard to believe, but The Web for You is already a year old! I know it’s been a very interesting year for me as I tried my hand at blogging for the first time, and I hope that you have found some useful tips, tricks, and ideas along the way. For anyone who might be a new reader, I’d like to take a short moment to review some of the more interesting posts from the past year.
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